Another Way to Donate to Coloradans for Nebraska Scholarships

Coloradans for Nebraska has a scholarship set up with the University of Nebraska, the Coloradans for Nebraska Legends Scholarship Fund.  This scholarship is for incoming Freshman selected by the University of Nebraska coming from Colorado.  Moneys for scholarships given from this fund can from the endowed part of the scholarship fund as well as from moneys sent each year and earmarked for immediate use.

What is great about this scholarship are the funds given to the students are currently matched by the Chancellor so a $1000 scholarship becomes $2000.  Through this program, Coloradans for Nebraska is able to ensure Freshman at the University of Nebraska Lincoln receive as much financial aid as possible through our scholarship contributions.

Another great item about the Coloradans for Nebraska Legends Scholarship Fund is our members can make donations to the fund directly.  Since the funds are forwarded directly to the Foundation (a 501c3), you can receive a tax deduction.  You can also choose if the funds go into the endowment portion or if the funds should be used for the next Freshman recruiting in Colorado.  Just make sure you designate any special instructions in Comments on the online form or in the notes section of your check.

To read more about the Nebraska Legends Scholarship Fund or to donate to the Coloradans for Nebraska Legends Scholarship Fund online, click here.  In the Designation Description, just put in Coloradans and the system will pull up the fund.

Do you want your scholarship donation to the Coloradans for Nebraska Legends Scholarship Fund to go farther?  Some companies will even match your gift!  You can look up to see if your company matches on the online donation form.  If your company matches, your $100 can provide $400 in scholarships including the Chancellor’s matching program if designated for immediate use.

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