Call for Volunteers – 2017

Greetings Coloradans for Nebraska members and Avid Husker Fans,

As we approach the upcoming Husker football season, we would like to thank you for your continued support in allowing Coloradans for Nebraska to provide scholarships to deserving students year after year. It is exciting and rewarding to see so many supporters show up to our watch partners game after game. Not only are you supporting your favorite college football program, you’re supporting a great organization.

With that said, the board has met to discuss a few things. Paid membership has been declining the last few years. We understand many games are available on bigger channels now, so sometimes our members stay home to watch the games and don’t see the benefit in buying a membership. By staying home to watch the game, it means less people are available to volunteer at watch partner locations and less funds to provide scholarships. We would like to continue to have a table with merchandise and prizes at as many locations as we can, but sometimes our volunteers can’t attend every game or may just need a break for a game. One solution to this issue is to have the table “travel” to watch partner locations, meaning it would only be at a certain location every third or fourth game instead of every game. Of course, that isn’t ideal for our members, nor is it ideal in raising the scholarship money we hope to raise each year.

This is a call for more volunteers this year. All we are asking for is one game and of course if you could volunteer for more, we would appreciate that as well. If we could get a few more members to volunteer for just one game each season, we could continue to provide everything we have in the past at the chosen watch partners. Please consider donating your time for a few hours for at least one Saturday. It would mean so much to our current volunteers, our board members, and most importantly the students receiving scholarships.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail Brittany at or Wendy at

Thank you again for your continued support. We hope to see you at a watch partner location on September 2nd when the Huskers kick off their 2017 football season against Arkansas State.   GO BIG RED!!!

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