Co4NU History

The earliest evidence of the existence of the Denver Chapter of the University of Nebraska Alumni Association (now known as Coloradans for Nebraska) is a listing of Edmund J. Churchill, `85, as president in 1913.

There is no one who can tell us today what the organization was like in those early years. But since the early 1950’s CFN has participated in many functions like a Founders’ Day dinner in February or March, summer family picnics, a party the night before the Colorado-Nebraska game every other year when it was played in Boulder, Alumni Night at the Rockies, and special performances of the Scarlet and Cream. In the 1960’s, biennial migrations to Lincoln aboard the Denver Zepher were planned for the Colorado-Nebraska game.

In the `50s and ’60s the officers and past presidents got together at a party the month before the Founders’ Day dinner and finalized a slate of officers to be installed at Founders’ Day.

Many past presidents have continued to be very active. A great example of that was Harold Hunt, president in 1952, who continued on the Board as Director of Athletic Affairs until he died in 1996.  In the `50s and ’60s Harold would get a thousand tickets to the Colorado-Nebraska football game from CU for CFN members.

In the early years, the Nebraska football games were broadcast on a radio on a station owned by a Nebraska alum. When he sold the station in the late ’70s, it was up to CFN to locate another station and the means to pay for broadcasts. At first, faithful Husker alumni with businesses bought advertising to pay for the charges. Gradually the membership took over that expense through their yearly donations. For most of those years, the games were on KLMO 1060 Longmont.  Today, radio coverage on 1600 “The Zone” is once again provided by businesses that support the Huskers living in Colorado.

Before so many of the Nebraska games were on TV, a major activity of CFN was the weekly showing of the game films. The film was flown from Scottsbluff (where it was shown, on Thursdays) and then shown in Denver on Fridays. Beginning in 1990 CFN has hosted TV Watch Parties on game days at various Sports Bars.  The number of locations have increased throughout the years to include not only watch sites staffed by CFN volunteers but to also friendly sites.  As of the end of the 2012 football season, locations within the CFN front range area is 12.

The chapter dues were $1.00 for an individual alum and $1.50 for an alumni couple until 1969 when they became $2.00 for either. In 1979 they were raised to $3.00 and in 1983 to $5.00.  Dues for the last several years have remained at $25 per household. In 1996 the Founders’ Day dinner at the Fitzsimons Officers Club cost CFN members $3.75! Membership has increased over the years from about 100 in 1949 and 300 in 1961 to over 1,000.

In 1981 the name of the chapter was changed to Coloradans for Nebraska and membership was opened to Nebraska fans as well as alumni members. In 1983 the CFN logo was redesigned to include a snow capped “N”.  In 2009 the CFN logo was updated once again to the current logo, the Iron N with snow capped mountains in a circle.

The premier CFN event was the biennial pre-game Pizza Party on the night before the Nebraska-Colorado game in Boulder. Every other year going back to the 1982, a party featuring Valentino’s pizza was held at a local hotel. Several hundred husker fans gathered together for a great time at these pre-game parties. In 1980 and 1987 Bob Devaney was the featured speaker. The final Pizza Party was held in 1995. More than 1,000 Husker fans attended that event. The following year the Nebraska-Colorado game was changed from the traditional last Saturday in October to the Friday following Thanksgiving and the event was no longer held.

For many years CFN held a Founders’ Day event. Bob Devaney, Tom Osborne and other notable University representatives served as guest speakers over the years.

Events and activities have changed throughout the years based on technology and interests of our members. In the early days it was listening to football games on the radio or watching footage brought in at a move theater, to today fans gathering to watch Husker sports at watch partner locations throughout the Colorado front range.

More recently, Coloradans for Nebraska have held networking events, scholarship recipient lunches, update parties about football recruits, back to school send off parties, yearly golf tournaments, yearly wine tasting events, sport watch parties, nights at Colorado professional sporting games, as well as activities with other Big Ten Chapters in Colorado. We are always looking for ways for our members to enjoy being with other Huskers.

Beginning in 1989, Coloradans for Nebraska began funding scholarships to help Colorado High School Graduates attend the University of Nebraska. This fund has grown from humble beginnings of a few thousand dollars to now over $35,000 per year provided in scholarships.

CFN communication has evolved as well through the years from simple announcements of events to a wide range of information for CFN members through newsletters, emails,  website, Facebook, and Twitter.


2015 Wendy Frenzel ’95
2014 Wendy Frenzel ’95
2013 Wendy Frenzel ’95
2012 Wendy Frenzel ’95
2011 Brian O’Hearn ’86 UNO
2010 Brian O’Hearn ’86 UNO
2009 Tim Carrothers
2008 Tim Carrothers
2007 Tim Carrothers
2006 Tim Carrothers
2005 Tom Sandquist
2004 Chris Cotter, ’88 UNC
2003 Jerry Huber
2002 Jim Koch, ’71
2001 Janet Blair, ’77
2000 Tod Fitzke, ’88 TCU
1999 Jim Steward, 84, ’86
1998 Ken Maas, ’69 UNO
1997 Don Moeller
1996 Harvey McMillen. ’58
1995 Jim Harvey, ’57
1994 Bill & Sharon Redmond,’61 & ’63
1993 Art Mastera, ’66, ’72 (co-president)
1993 Ron Barta,’66 UNO (co-president)
1992 Darwin Blue, ’64 NWU
1991 Cal Johnston, ’66, ’69
1990 Cal Johnston, ’66, ’69
1989 Ron Hottovy, ’69
1988 John Shank, ’70, ’73
1987 Jim Johnson, ’70
1986 C. Lee Sola
1985 Mick Shumacher, ’72 UNK
1984 Bill Andresen, ’67, ’71
1983 Jim Brubaker, ’75
1982 Jim Downey, ’68
1981 Dick Walker, ’52
1980 Dick Buss, ’67
1979 Charles Ferguson, ’56
1978 John Hauschild, ’65
1977 Dick Amen, ’56
1976 Bob Pierce, ’52
1975 Bruce Tohill, ’64, ’65
1974 David F. Childs, ’61
1973 Richard R. Holtz, ’67
1972 Joseph A Jerman, ’53
1971 Dr. Robert G. Volz, ’53
1970 Vic Coulter, ’41
1969 Elton (Moni) Monismith, ’54
1968 Melvin T. Swanson, ’33
1967 Will Reedy, ’39
1966 Walter L. Meyer, ’40
1965 Ted James, Jr., ’54
1964 Bruce Evans, ’52
1963 Dr. LeRoy Sides, ’44
1962 John H. Beckwith, ’42
1961 Dr. Austin Mutz, ’39, ’43
1960 Arnold Reid, ’38
1959 Ted James, ’30
1958 Gale Neiswanger, ’43
1957 Ralph Fortna, ’21
1956 William H. Flory, ’44
1955 Charles F. Bush, ’47
1954 Harris W. (Butch) Larson, ’39
1953 John D. Hershner, ’37
1952 Harold B. Hunt, ’43
1951 Carl S. Smith, ’30
1950 Rex Y. Reese, ’25
1949 Harold E. (Hal) Niemann, ’40
1948 Dr. Foster Matchett, ’24
1947 Charles W. Theal, ‘ 19
1946 Ralph D. M. Otto, ’23
1945 Howard L. Johnson, ’30
1944 Rex Y. Reese, ’25
1943 A. B. Ballah, ’14
1942 Earl A. Howard, ’24
1941 Dr. David Doty, ’23
1940 M. E. (Casey) McKibben, ’28
1939 Sam N. Foster, ’09
1938 C. Ray Bigelow, ‘ 17
1937 Jess M. Randol, ’23
1936 William T. Wolvington, ’13
1935 Asa K. Hepperly, ’22
1934 C. Ray Bigelow, ’17
1933 Dr. E. F. Klein, ’18
1932 Zeno Crook, ’97
1931 Zeno Crook, ’97
1930 George M. Wallace, ‘ 10
1929 George M. Wallace, ‘ 10
1928 Dr. Frank Dickinson, ’11
1927 Fred L. Taylor, ’16
1926 Fred L. Taylor, ’16
1925 J. G. L. Hanlin,’08
1924 A. E. Palen, ’07
1923 A. E. Palen, ’07
1922 Oliver T. Reedy, ’98
1921 Charles Hendy, ’98
1920 C. A. Yont, ’89
1919 C. A. Yont, ’89
1918 Charles Hendy, ’98
1917 Orien W. Fifer, ’89
1913 Edmund J. Churchhill, ’85

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