Coloradans for Nebraska in April / May 2013 edition of Hail Varsity

Coloradans for Nebraska is in the most recent edition of Hail Varsity (Jack Hoffman is on the cover) to celebrate its 100 years.  Thank you Hail Varsity for the article.  And Thank You to the Coloradans for Nebraska membership for the last 100 years in making us such a successful Alumni Chapter, providing over $40,000 in scholarships in each of the last 3 years!

And remember, if you’d like to stay up-to-date on Husker news, subscribe to Hail Varsity using this code promo code C2ACOL, or this link, and $10 will be given to Coloradans for Nebraska for the scholarship funds.

Hail Varsity Article


Pictures from the March 2013 An Afternoon with Husker Legends / Scholarship Recipient Lunch

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