Letters from Scholarship Recipients – Originally Posted April 12, 2011

Dear members for Coloradans for Nebraska,
Words cannot describe how thankful and honored I am to be representing the University of Nebraska-Lincoln through Coloradans for Nebraska!  In result of your generosity I am able to pursue my education in an excellent academic environment that will guide me toward success; this would not be possible without you!  I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and continuing to meet fellow huskers from Colorado!  Go Big Red!
Thank you,
Mackenzie Culver

Dear CFN,
I just wanted to tell you thank you for giving me such an awesome opportunity through this scholarship for yet another year. The funds I receive from this scholarship are very beneficial towards my education and are helping me down the path to teacher education. This past semester has been a little rough on me, but I continue to keep up with my studies and work my hardest to maintain a solid GPA. I have planned my schedule for next semester already and most of my classes are intended for my major. I’m so excited to be past all the general education classes and onto something I truly love. Thank you again for your wonderful support and helping hand.
Hilary Lengel

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