Letters from Scholarship Recipients – Originally Posted September 10, 2012

Dear CFN Scholarship Committee:
First, I would like to say I successfully completed my junior year and am looking forward to my last year in the classrooms at UNK!  Once I’ve finished that, I will begin my student teaching.
The 2012 Spring semester was over at UNK last Friday, but i am still working at the Kearney Community Learning Center until May 18th, after which I return back home to Limon, Colorado, for the summer break.  I am looking forward to spending time at home with my family and will be back at the First National Bank of Hugo-Limon as a teller for at least one more summer.
… I again want to express my gratitude to CFN for affording me their exceptional scholarship, which has been a tremendous blessing for me and my family.  It has been extremely helpful in alleviating the financial burden of college expenses, and words cannot express how honored I am to have been awarded the CFN Scholarship.  I take great pride in being part of the CFN family!
Thank you again, ….
Hilary Lengel
(Received 5/9/12)

Dear CFN,
Once again, I would like to thank you for choosing me to receive the Coloradans For Nebraska scholarship this year.  I am extremely grateful for your generosity, and my education would not be possible without the kindness that you have extended to me for the past two years.  You have given me the opportunity of a lifetime by helping fund my education.
As a sophomore, I am taking 18 credit hours this semester.  I have also changed my major since last year.  Whereas last year, I was a dietetics major; this year, I am a nutrition science and pre-optometry major.  So far, it has been a very busy semester, as I am taking three science classes with labs.  I am also active with my job as a Wellness Advocate for my floor.  Although it will be a crazy semester, I am looking forward to all the experience I will gain.
Thank you again,
Clare James

(Received 9/3/12)

Dear Coloradans for Nebraska,
It’s so great to be back on campus with students everywhere, fun back to school festivities, and HUSKER FOOTBALL!  Wow, the amazing atmosphere of this University never ceases to amaze me!  I’m currently taking on a 16 credit course load this semester with the majority of my classes focusing on my major, Audiology, which is very exciting!  In the mean time, I plan to continue working at the Link-N-Literacy Research Lab on East Campus, serve as a suite hostess in Memorial Stadium’s sky boxes during home games, and become accustomed to being a Wellness Advocate for the on-campus apartment style dorms.  Luckily, my transition into the 2012-2013 academic school year has been very smooth thus far, but they have been keeping me busy to say the least!  Thank you CFN for giving me the opportunity to experience yet another crazy and productive school year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln words cannot begin to express how grateful I am, none of this would be possible without your support.
Mackenzie Culver
Fort Collins, CO
(Received 9/15/12)

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