Nebraska Loves Colorado – Interesting Facts

Here are some fun facts why Nebraska loves Colorado!

  1. Colorado is home to the largest University of Nebraska-Lincoln Alumni population outside of Nebraska.
  2. Colorado is home to the 3rd largest University of Nebraska-Lincoln Alumni chapter in the nation.
  3. Colorado ranks 3rd, in states outside of Nebraska, for total contributions to the Unlimited Possibilities Campaign.
  4. There are currently 231 students from Colorado at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  5. Coloradans for Nebraska has raised more than $95,000 for scholarships.
  6. Twenty-two Colorado students were awarded Nebraska Legends Scholarships in 2013, with 12 of those funded by Coloradans for Nebraska.
  7. Coloradans for Nebraska leads all other chapters in scholarship fundraising.

Nebraska Loves Colorado

With your help, Coloradans for Nebraska can continue to provide the largest number of scholarships to Colorado high school graduates attending the University of Nebraska!  Become a member, purchase merchandise, or donate today!

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