Big 10 Colorado Blood Drive Competition

Calling all Nebraska alumni in Colorado! We need your help in a BIG way – donate blood and support our alumni chapter! This blood drive challenge runs for the entire month of October.

Here’s How it Works:

– Click on your chapter’s link below to make your pledge BEFORE you donate for the Big Ten Colorado Blood Drive.

– Once you submit your pledge, you be directed to schedule your appointment at any Vitalant donation location. Please donate between October 1 – 31.

– When booking your appointment, use the same email address you used in the first step above in order for your scheduled donation to count to your alumni chapter.

– When you get to your appointment, be sure to bring a photo ID.

Let’s donate blood blood and save lives all the while competing against our local Big Ten chapters!

Click this link to get started.

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Wendy Frenzel, Coloradans for Nebraska
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