Letter from Scholarship Recipient – Alex Engel

Dear CFN,

Thank you so much for the scholarship and helping make my experience at UNL a possibility! My first semester at UNL has been incredible. I pledged a fraternity and I’m involved in multiple organizations including College Republicans. I also frequent Lighthouse, a center for at risk youth in the Lincoln area, as a volunteer. My first semester of college was much busier than expected. I’m a biology pre-dental major and took 14 credit hours last semester. Although I didn’t get the 4.0 I’d hoped to achieve, I still finished with an awesome GPA for my first semester of college. I’m taking 18 credit hours next semester and only hope to improve on the good base I’ve made for myself. The scholarship I have been received has truly made life at UNL easier. Thanks again!

Go Big Red!

Alex Engel


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