Letter from Scholarship Recipient – Mackenzie Culver

     Wow I cannot believe I have another semester of college under my belt!  This semester flew by to say the least, and I enjoyed every moment of it, from volunteering at the annual Step of for Downs Syndrome Walk, long hours spent in the union on class projects, or biting my nails watching our Huskers defeat both the Northwestern Wildcats and the Michigan State Trojans 29-28!  My classes never cease to amaze me as they just keep getting more interesting, intriguing me to learn that much more!  As an audiology major I spend majority of my time on East Campus, and have found the Corner Deli to be my new favorite place to dine, East Campus Union is also a great place to get some quality studying done!  It’s nice and quiet with plenty of tables!
As my classes become more interesting they also have become more challenging, but being a Junior enrolled in 16 credits this semester I’m proud to say I’ve earned an A in each one of them!  Thank you so much Coloradans for Nebraska for supporting me throughout this amazing journey, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is my home and the best University there is as far as I’m concerned!  Because of your generosity I am where I am today, receiving an outstanding education at an incredible facility!  Until next semester, happy holidays and safe travels!

Mackenzie Culver
Fort Collins, CO.

Received 12/13/12

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