Letters from Coloradans for Nebraska Scholarship Recipients – Received October 20, 2011

Hello CFN!
I am currently driving back from Colorado to Nebraska after fall break along with three others from Colorado. It’s hard to believe that it has already hit the mid semester mark of the school year. It is even greater to know is that I have started calling my dorm room “home.” I once heard a quote that went something along the lines that “home is only as great as the people in it” and I have come to view that quote as true. The people in my classes and dorm have given me so much joy, many of them becoming dear to my heart. It is with great excitement that I will be back in Lincoln in only a few hours.
Nebraska has been an amazing experience for me. I have made many amazing friends, memories, and discoveries. My teachers are fun and supportive, I have learned a great amount from them. I have seen myself grow as a person becoming more responsible each day.
College is a completely different experience from high school and I am glad that I am able to experience it at a school as awesome as Nebraska. I honestly couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else and for that reason, thank you for your support of the scholarship. Every bit helps.
Until next time,

Dear Coloradans for Nebraska,
Coming off the first quarter of my freshman year, I’ve experienced so much in what seems to be such a little amount of time. What I’ve learned in the first 8 weeks in the classrooms as well as out have been extremely helpful in meeting my goals for this semester. It also helps knowing guys and girls around me came from Colorado and are dealing with the same feelings of being away as well as meeting many who are sharing classes with me. I’m really enjoying my time so far at the UNL. I’m experiencing something new every week and I feel like I’m reaching my full potential.
I’d like to thank everyone in the CFN organization for helping me out with my college experience. With the different activities CFN has put on, I have met several fellow Coloradoan who have become my best friends. I have no one to thank but the CFN organization for opening the doors to new friendships and new opportunities.
Joel Nelson

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