Letters from Scholarship Recipients – Originally Posted February 17, 2012

Dear Coloradans For Nebraska,
First off I want to say how thankful I am for the opportunity to earn this scholarship. I have learned so much about Nebraska and the connection between Colorado and Nebraska. I don’t think without this scholarship I would have learned this much. The last Coloradans for Nebraska event that was held before I went off to Nebraska was one I will really never forget. I met so many different people, actually rushed with one of the girls and see each other now and again which is wonderful! In fact, we live in the same building, 8th and 9th floor, so crazy! The pictures that were taken I will always cherish because this scholarship has helped me start fulfilling my dream.  One way that we used this scholarship was to buy the expensive textbooks, which almost every class I have needs.
This first semester has been crazy for me. I rushed for a sorority and got in Kappa Alpha Theta, it is the house my mother was in when she was in college. She was so excited for me never stopped calling me about it. This process made my mother and I, I feel, closer in a way. Being away from my family isn’t that bad, I have made so many wonderful friends. People here are just so welcoming and I feel I have made more friends in this last semester than my four years in high school.  I am so happy with my choice to come to Nebraska; it couldn’t have been a better fit for me. I might want to inform you in how actual school is, well it’s really good! I enjoy them, they are tough, but I am learning how to study and using my free time to do work. And who could forget the football games! They are the best, especially in the student section. If you haven’t seen, every time Nebraska kicks off, all us students take a shoe off, shake it in the air, and just scream. It is just the best, the spirit in the air is just unbelievable and I love it! Don’t forget about Nebraska’s volleyball team either, they are number two at the moment. I am proud to be a husker, and thank you for helping me accomplish that. Don’t forget, GO BIG RED!
Kayla Johnson

I’m Erin Bogard and received the Coloradoans for Nebraska Scholarship to start my freshman year at UNK in August 2011.  School is going well for me.  Last semester I finished the Fall Semester with a 3.8 GPA and I made the Dean’s List. This semester is going well.  I like my classes and my schedule is much better this semester.  I’m involved in Christian Student Fellowship and am a member of Student Interior Design Organization.  I am also involved in activities in my resident hall, Randall.  I’ve made good friends, have established a good relationship with my instructors, and still enjoy living in the dorm.  I am studying and working hard on school assignments plus I am having a lot of fun and enjoying myself.  I really like UNK and the town of Kearney.
I have enjoyed the CFN dinners and luncheons for the UNK students with Aaron Kalina.  It has been nice to talk with Aaron and to get to know the other students from UNK who also received the scholarship.  The CFN community has been a joy to be in!
I am extremely grateful for the Coloradans for Nebraska Scholarship I received.  It has helped my purchase books and supplies for classes both semesters.  I’ve used it for my college expenses only.  My parents have saved money for my college years and this scholarship helps stretch those funds a little further.  I want you to know how much I appreciate the CFN assistance and support! 

CFN Members,
Hello from Kearney!  For the past few days it has felt much like Spring and I love it.  Unfortunately I hear they’re calling for a potential foot of snow come Friday… yep that sounds like Nebraska.
I just wanted to say thanks for funding another great semester and I am still excited about the current one (a true rarity).  I’m getting into some methods classes this semester, it’s hard to believe that I’ll be out in the field soon!  I’m so excited, but nervous at the same time.  Those kids can be awfully scary sometimes.  And no matter what they teach you in class, there will always be that one child who never follows anything they tell you.
Last semester, as well as this one I have been working as a para at an afterschool program here in Kearney.  I think every day I come home with a new story about the kids.  My most recent, that I find to be quite hilarious, I just have to share.  I was working with a little kindergarten boy and I could see that he had an eyelash that had fallen out and was dangling from his other eyelashes.  I grabbed my eyelashes and pulled a little and asked him to do the same.  When he did he pulled the eyelash off and it rested on his finger.  After looking at it for a while he said, “What is it?”  I told him it was an eyelash and pointed to mine so he could make the connection.  When he realized what it was he stared at the eyelash on his finger for a couple of seconds then looked up at me and shoved his finger in my direction.  The statement I heard next almost put me to tears. In a very concerned voice he inquired, “Can you put it back in??”  I told him that I couldn’t but a new one would grow in to replace the one he had just lost.  Again pondering what I had told him he closed his eyes and pushed his head in my face and asked if I could see it growing.  I couldn’t break his heart so I told him that I sure could.  Betcha didn’t know eyelashes could grow so fast. 🙂  It’s stories like these that make me feel like I have picked the right career and I am so thankful to be in the education field.
Again, thank you so much for all of your gracious support as your funds bring me one step closer to being the teacher I have always dreamed of becoming.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate the loving community I have found in all of you.  I actually got to help Aaron at a watch party site selling raffle tickets and was so welcomed by the CFN community.  I appreciate the support more than you will ever know!  Here’s to another great semester!
Hilary Lengel
Kearney, Nebraska

Dear Coloradans for Nebraska,
The new semester is going great.  I’m really enjoying my classes.  It was a very big change from last semester.  I am taking my second class of Chemistry, Applied Calculus, Democracies Around the World, English 102, and Speech.  I have seen a lot of the other scholarship winners around campus.  Jillian and I actually have Speech together.  My favorite classes are my Chem lab and Calculus.  I am having a lot of fun on campus as well.  We just had a big snow storm come through Kearney.  Everybody has been out playing in the snow and laughing.
I am actually finally getting used to be in college.  I can’t believe it has taking me this long.  I am really glad that I decided to come to Kearney.  It’s just perfect for me and thanks to your scholarship this year has been even better.
Thank you again for everything,
Deeona Johnston 

Hello Coloradans for Nebraska!
First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for this organization.  Not only am I thankful for the monetary support I receive from the scholarship fund, I am grateful to have the support of the CFN members and my peers whom I have met through this organization.  I know that many of the opportunities I have been blessed with would not be possible without the support of CFN.
This semester has been off to a great start.  I have began taking practice classes within the Social Work program, which is really exciting to get to start getting practicing the skills that I have been learning for that past three years.  I am also enrolled in American Sign Language II, which is a big step in achieving my goal of becoming certified in ASL.  Overall, this semester is full of a lot of exciting, fun, and interactive classes.
Thanks again, Coloradans for Nebraska, for all of your support through my academic career.
Erin Langmacher
University of Nebraska – Kearney
Julesburg, CO

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