Letters from Scholarship Recipients – Originally Posted January 6, 2012

Hey Colorado Husker Fans,
I hope that your holidays went well and that 2012 treats you well. This last semester at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was a whirlwind of craziness for me and I am sorry I haven’t been able to do as many updates as some of the other scholarship recipients. I took 18 credit hours which was a lot more work than I had expected and it caused me to be swamped by studying and homework.  In taking all Science classes it made me realized that I missed English and Math classes more than I ever thought I would.  It also made me realize that I wanted to switch my major and do something that involved my creativity and love of communicating with people. My new found major is hospitality with a specialization in even planning. This is a huge jump from being a biology major but, in the long run I think I will be happier in what I can do with this degree than what I could have done graduating in biology. I am very excited to start taking a whole new spectrum of classes next semester and will be sure to keep you updated on how those turn out for me.
I also joined Kappa Delta Sorority and my pledgeship took a lot of work but has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The women of my house are amazing people who have taught me to become a better person than I had ever imaged I would be.  I have become very involved in the house by becoming the spirit chair and I am excited to take on the responsibilities of planning Greek Week and Homecoming week.
I want to thank you all so much for the support and donations that you have given to make not only my scholarship possible but, also the scholarships of all the other recipients. If it weren’t for all of you would be struggling to get through college. Though I may not know all of you each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart.
Last but not least GO BIG RED and I hope you all are wearing red on January 2nd!!
Thanks again,
Jordan Fisher
Aurora, Colorado
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Hello Coloradans for Nebraska
As this year comes to a close, I’d like to take the time to thank the organization that has been crucial throughout my collegiate career. This past semester has, by far, been one of the very best. There have been many college defining experiences that I was blessed to be a part of.
I was fortunate enough to serve as Alpha Phi’s chapter President throughout the 2011 year and am grateful for the opportunity to serve my sorority sisters who continually inspire me. I am also a member of Mortar Board and have enjoyed being involved in promoting scholarship, leadership and, service throughout campus and the community. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the other Mortar Board members and am grateful for their new friendships. School continues to go well and I have enjoyed my education classes this past semester. I will be in the classroom even more next semester and am looking forward to investing in students in the English and Spanish classrooms. The University does a great job of preparing their preservice teachers and I’m continually impressed with the program, my professors and the high standards UNL sets for its students.
Thank you, CFN, for your continued support both financially and emotionally. I often talk of the organization to people I meet, both from Colorado and outside the state and am proud to be a representative of such a great organization. I look forward to watching the Husker bowl game with the CFN family this upcoming weekend!
Cayla Berry
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Hey fellow Coloradans for Nebraska Members!!
The semester has now come to a close for me and what an adventure it has been! There is no better way to describe my first semester at University of Nebraska-Lincoln that the saying “work hard and play harder”. The Architecture program was as time consuming and demanding as everyone told me it would be, but it has been worth it. The semester has involved a few all-nighters studying as well as some very stressful moments. But over all classes have been great and nothing a little bit of time management and dedication couldn’t solve. I loved my studio class where I was designing and building models of my ideas and drawings. While my drawing and art class were a new learning experience. As of right now I am still on track for a 4-year bachelors and at mid-semester I took “the big step” and declared a minor in Business Administration. I am looking forward to the new variety of classes declaring a minor has opened up to me.
However, what’s work without play? The last few months have not all been focused on school work. As a Coloradan going to school out of state I decided to join the Greek system at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in order to have the ability to jump right into campus involvement. The week of recruitment was intense to say the least, but I am now a proud member of Alpha Xi Delta and love the opportunities it has given me to volunteer with Autism Speaks. As well as supporting other Greek house’s philanthropies and being involved on campus. I found nothing to complain about during my first semester other than doing my own laundry takes way longer than expected, and adjusting to Nebraska weather from Colorado weather takes some time. All of the memories I’ve made and the ones that are soon to follow were made possible because of Coloradans for Nebraska and I cannot say how thankful I am to know other Coloradans on campus. Several of the other scholarship recipients, Joel and Chelsea, have become close friends of mine not only because they are fellow architecture students, but because we met and became friends over the summer at the Coloradans for Nebraska events. I am very thankful for this scholarship and to share my experiences and stories with other people who love University of Nebraska-Lincoln as much as I do! HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE and GO BIG RED!!
Meredith Butler

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