Letters from Scholarship Recipients – Originally Posted October 2, 2011

   My name is Erin Bogard and I am a freshman at UNK.  School is going well for me.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed with homework and assignments as well as adjusting to living in a dorm and being 7-8 hours away from home.  Weekends have been a little tough since so many students go home and I stay.  I am trying to get involved with campus activities.  I’m involved with the UNK Forensics team and am attending Christian Student Fellowship.  I became a member of the Student Interior Design Organization and am also involved in activities in my resident hall, Randall.  I am having a lot of fun and enjoying myself as well as attending classes, studying and doing my homework.

   Unfortunately I was unable to attend the send-off party because of schedule conflicts but I wish I had been able to be there as I have heard it was fun.  I enjoyed the CFN Lunch for UNK students with Aaron and his wife in early September.  I am looking forward to the upcoming CFN Kearney event on November 3.
I am extremely grateful to have received the Coloradoans for Nebraska Scholarship for this school year.  It gives me a peace of mind to not have to worry about finances for this school year due to this assistance.  I will apply for the scholarship again for the coming year in hopes that I can continue to lessen the financial expenses for attending school in Nebraska.  I will probably need to take out student loans in my last 2 years of school so all the help I can get is appreciated.  I want to say thanks again for the scholarship funds and for CFN’s support!
Thank you,
Erin Bogard

My Junior year has been going smoothly, but it’s hard to believe that we’re nearly a quarter done with the semester. I just finished a busy week due to three tests, all of which went very well. I have been enjoying my time at the university with my fraternity, Phi Kappa Theta; I am also a candidate for the honors accounting fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi, this year. Another new activity that I’m a part of his year is the “Student Lieder” program, which means I am a volunteer usher at the Lied Center; this gives me access to many opportunities, as well as the amazing shows. It’s been interesting living next door to my sister in the Courtyards complex, but it is great to see her often nonetheless. I feel more and more at home with each passing year at the university, and treasure every moment. I am so thankful for the chance to attend such a prestigious and strong university, and I cannot thank the supporters of Coloradans For Nebraska enough for giving me this opportunity. Go Big Red!
-John Dembowski

   The school year is going by fast already, but I am having so much fun.  My classes are all going very well.  I am taking Chemistry, Biology, Music Appreciation, Intro to Business, and a Portal Class called Generation Me.  I am also taking a lab for Chemistry and a lab for Biology.  I really enjoy my labs.  In my last Biology lab we learned how to identify angiosperms.  It was so much fun to go outside and walk around campus and figure out the names of trees by their leaves and textures.  We just finished homecoming week.  It was a blast. My roommate and I dressed up everyday.  My dorm room took first place in two of the events around campus.  So far my college experience has been wonderful.
I’d like to thank everyone who helped sponsor the CFN scholarship.  It helped me out a lot this year.  Thanks to the scholarship my whole first year of college is paid for.  I am very thankful that this happened since I have five to six years left of schooling.
Thank you again for everything,
Deeona Johnston

Hello CFN members!
These past six weeks of school have been a total whirlwind.  It seems like yesterday my parents and I were unloading our cars trying to move me in to my dorm room.  As a freshmen this Fall, I was totally unsure of what college life would be like. How would my time management skills be?  Would it be difficult to meet people?  Or, even more scary, how will I be able to do all my laundry by myself?  Even though all of these questions seemed uncertain and I’ve only been on campus for six weeks, I already feel like Nebraska is my home.
Before school even started, I decided to join the Greek community by going through rush.  I am now a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and absolutely love it.  Being in a house has opened up so many wonderful opportunities as well as introduced me to some wonderful people.  I am also a member of the University Ambassadors, Scarlet Guard, and am trying to become involved with student government.  There are so many different activities one can participate in and I have loved trying some of them out!
It was also really fun to meet up with fellow CFN students when Aaron and Amanda came into town the second week of school. We all went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, which was great because it gave us the opportunity to meet some more Coloradans.  I hope we continue to have more!
Perhaps the most exciting experiences I’ve had while being on campus was attending my first Husker football game.  I have never been in an atmosphere so thrilling!  I am fortunate enough to have gotten student tickets as a freshman, so  going to the home games has been quite an amazing experience.  It’s always fun to run into fellow Colorado students there as well!
Thank you so much CFN for your donations and support!  Lincoln has become my home, and I would never have been able to experience it without the gracious scholarship given by everyone a part of this organization.  I am so appreciative and grateful!
I’m so excited to see what the rest of the semester brings and will be reporting back with updates as much as possible!  Hope everyone has been having a great fall and GO BIG RED!
Sara Arneson

Dear CFN Members,
This semester has already been such a busy one!  Between all these education classes and my job, some days I feel like a full time “adult.”  I am currently majoring in elementary education, and let me tell you all those ‘childish’ activities sure do keep you busy!  So far this year, I learned fifteen to twenty new dances (including my very favorite the Hokey Pokey), have begun playing the recorder (not the most beautiful instrument), and am building many pieces of art in my art class (some of which could probably pass as Kindergarten work).  Now I know what you’re thinking, that is the college dream, and……  you’re right!  No calculus for this girl.  🙂 Education is so awesome, it has taken me back to what it feels like to be a little kid again, and I love it.  It just ensures a little more that I am where I’m supposed to be, and that I have found the right career.  This year I am working as a para at one of the elementary schools in Kearney, I get to help young kids complete their homework and participate in fun activities every day after school.  This is really great because I get to work with the kids and other adults who love to teach.
As for my spare time it seems to be filled with homework.  However, my boyfriend plays football for UNK so I’m always out there, rain or sun, cheering on our “Lopers.”  Back to that not growing up comment, I find it necessary to get some ice cream at least once a week.  “Waffle Cone Wednesday” at TCBY usually does the trick, and every now and then we find some time for a little bowling at the Big Apple.  As everyone knows, time flies when you’re having fun!  A few weeks ago, I attended a CFN event with some fellow Lopers.  It was really great to just be able to sit down with the girls that are going to Kearney and get to talk to them.    Aaron and his wife Amanda also came out, which was so nice!  To know that there is always someone from CFN willing to support you and motivate you to keep at it is a really great feeling and something I always look forward to!
I am so thankful for the support the CFN community gives to me, and this scholarship has brought me closer to so many people!  I hope all is well in your homes especially as we welcome this beautiful fall weather.
Thanks again for all you do!
Hilary Lengel
University of Nebraska-Kearney
Hometown – Limon, Colorado

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