Letters from Scholarship Recipients – Originally Posted September 18, 2011

Dear Coloradans for Nebraska,
After surviving through a hectic senior year and graduating at the top of my class from Delta High School in Delta, Colorado, I have made it to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  It has been smooth sailing thus far — finding all my classes, keeping on top of my homework, learning how to do laundry, etc.  I am also beginning to find my place, joining organizations such as Theta Phi Alpha, Scarlet Scholars and Scarlet Guard.  Classes are going well, but I can’t wait to be done with my general education requirements.  In between schoolwork and various obligations, I have made it to two Husker football games and have had an absolute blast.  GO BIG RED!!  I can’t wait to see what is ahead of me as this great adventure continues.
All this is possible only through Coloradans for Nebraska.  Thank you so much for your generosity and helping me continue my education and experience the opportunities of college.  Words cannot express my gratefulness; this scholarship means so much.
Thanks again,
Clare James
Delta, Colorado


Coloradans for Nebraska,
So far my sophomore year has been a blast!  I live in my sorority house, Alpha Chi Omega and have been extremely busy with everything that it offers.  I have participated in some of the fraternities philanthropies such as the Pike Spike which is a volleyball tournament and Teke N’ Pink which is a flag football tournament.  Alpha Chi got second place at Pike Spike!  My classes this semester are difficult.  I am taking Chemistry 2 and Accounting both at 8am!  I look forward to Saturdays because I got season tickets to the Husker games!  My best friend who graduated from Grandview High School in Aurora, CO and now goes to CSU came out for the Fresno State vs. Nebraska game.  I took her tailgating and she said that there were more people tailgating before the Husker games than attend CSU football games.  She was amazed and jealous!
I want to thank you for everything that CFN does for the students that leave Colorado to attend college in Nebraska.  It provides a community on campus that I know I can lean on when I need to carpool back for Thanksgiving or Christmas and even for social event on campus.  I attended one of the CFN student events at the Buffalo Wild Wings in downtown Lincoln and it was great meeting all of the freshman that are going to UNL this year.  I was even lucky enough to have Carlie McCalister join Alpha Chi Omega!  She is a freshman who lives just 30 minutes from me back home in Colorado.  The CFN scholarship has benefited me in every way.  It makes it possible that I can afford the out of state tuition.  Another expense that I did not think about coming to school was books.  It is crazy how much I have to spend on books for all of my classes every semester.
Go Huskers!
Katie Painter
Aurora, CO


Dear Members of Coloradans for Nebraska,
I just wanted to give you all a quick update of how everything is going here at UNL.  School is definitely in full swing, with lots of projects and tests.  I am a Marketing major and I am enjoying all of my business classes such as Accounting 201 and Business Communications.  It is great to be back here on campus and be surrounded by the Husker spirit.  I was able to attend the first two home games and had a blast!  This year I am involved with Theta Phi Alpha Sorority and the Undergraduate Women in Business Club.  It is going to be a busy but fun year!  I am fortunate enough to live in the Courtyards, which is the apartment style dorm on campus.  It is very nice to have my own room and still be really close to campus.
It was great to see Aaron and Amanda a few weeks ago!  I loved meeting up with fellow scholarship winners and seeing how their first couple of weeks were going.  I can’t wait to meet up with this great group of students again!  Thank you so much Coloradans for Nebraska!  I would not be able to attend this wonderful university without your help and support!  I hope everything is going well in Colorado.
Go Big Red!
Julie Dembowski


I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that have arisen from attending the University of Nebraska Kearney.  The scholarship that CFN awarded made attending this school more affordable for my family.  I am truly blessed to be a part of the CFN family.
School has been amazing, well mostly the social aspect.  I love the community!  I am truly in love with the Huskers now!  My wardrobe is slowly gaining more red clothing.  The people I have met I know will be lifelong friends.  I have no idea what I would do without them.  I slowly have forgotten that I am five and a half hours from home.  In addition to the social aspects, I love my professors and classes.  The teachers know my name, which makes me feel so welcome.
Soccer is more than anything I imagined!  I love the girls on the UNK soccer team.  They are my sisters.  We are so close!  Traveling with them is the best.  I can’t wait for the seasons to come!
CFN, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities that have arisen from attending the University of Nebraska Kearney.  You made it that much more possible for me!
Thank you,
Jillian Stoumbaugh


Dear CFN,
   I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how my semester has been going.  I would like to start off, however, by saying thank you so much for the financial support you have blessed me with so that the financial burden of college is much easier to bear.  Your support has helped me immensely as I pursue a degree in Exercise Science.  This semester looks a lot different than any semester I have had thus far simply because I decided to add a Family Studies minor.  Making this change has only set me back a semester which was rather surprising to me.  I am planning to graduate from UNK in the fall of 2013 with a major in Exercise Science and a double minor in Health Science and Family Studies.  Why my current semester looks so different from previous semesters is because the classes I am taking are applicable and practical to situations in life.  I have been learning a lot about various topics that pertain to families and relationships.  It has been such a blessing to me to learn in class and then see what I learned in class play out in everyday life.
Being the president of both the UNK Circle K group as well as the UNK Rotary Club has been a wonderful experience for me thus far this year.  I am also enjoying my position on the leadership team of a Christian Student Fellowship as well as leading a Family Group of 20 college students through the book of James.  One of the biggest highlights of my week, however, is teaching Sunday School to first graders each Sunday morning.  Between taking 15 credit hours, putting in 22 hours at work each week and participating in the extracurricular activities listed above, my semester is very eventful and exciting.  

So I want to say thank you so much for supporting me and helping me make it through college financially.  I currently have A’s in all of my classes and am loving every second of this semester.  Your support is a huge blessing to me and I am extremely grateful to you.  Thanks!
In Christ,
Kayla Kimberling

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