Letters from Scholarship Recipients – Originally Posted September 24, 2011

Hey CFN Members!
The semester is already moving steadily along, and the same goes for my homework load!  I am enjoying my nursing classes at UNMC in Kearney.  All of my classes are very interesting and I am glad to be into my core classes now that I am in nursing school.  Things are busy and stressful at times, but I am keeping up with everything and doing well.  I joined the UNMC Student Nurse Association and we had our first meeting last week. It was nice to meet some of the upper-level nursing students and have a fun break to my busy day.

I attended a CFN event with some other scholarship winners here in Kearney over Labor Day Weekend.  It was good to meet some other students in Kearney that are from Colorado.  Again, if it was not for CFN’s contribution to my education, I would not be able to be attending nursing school here at UNMC. I am very grateful to have the support and encouragement from my home state. Thank you for all you do!
Thanks again,
Holly Christensen

UNMC-College of Nursing, Kearney
Hometown: Julesburg, Colorado

Dear Coloradans for Nebraska,
College has brought on a lot of new challenges and fun adventures! So far my experience as a college freshman has been a great one. Not only have I been able to find all my classes, all of my professors have been wonderful people who welcome all their students to come to them if they need any help with assignments. The change in workload from high school to college is drastic, but with a lot of organizing and dedication, I’ve been able to stay on top of my homework.
And of course, I’ve found plenty of time for fun activities! While I didn’t join a sorority, I did participate in recruitment the first week before classes started. There I met a bunch of lovely people from all over and from my dorm. That helped ease me into the first full week of classes since I knew campus more and made some new friends! I’ve gone to all the home Husker football games, and a few volleyball games, and have had a blast at every one! Nothing brings students together like cheering on the Huskers!
As I make adjustments living on my own, figuring out the laundry and keeping track of all my homework and exams, I’m learning how to be independent and how to laugh at the little mistakes I make on the way. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me, but for now I’m enjoying every moment of my college experience! All of this is possible through Coloradans for Nebraska! I honestly can’t thank you enough for your generosity and for checking up on how I’m doing. Having our own Colorado community on campus has been a true blessing. I know I have people here that I can call friends and understand what it’s like coming from out of state. Thank you so much for this scholarship and the opportunity to be at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Go Big Red!
Hailey Swanbom

Hi Coloradans for Nebraskans,
Hello all from UNK!  Life here is crazy busy, but I really like it.  I am on the UNK Loper volleyball team, so I have been here in Kearney since the beginning of August.  My position is as a defensive specialist. UNK’s volleyball team is ranked 5th
 in the nation for Division II.  I invite everyone to come to a match.  We play in the RMAC, which means we play a lot of Colorado colleges.  I am learning how to juggle sports and school.  I also am on the Loper track team, and will be running both indoor and outdoor sprints.  That season starts right after volleyball.  I have always thrived on keeping active and this year will really test my organizational skills!  I hope to keep the traditional freshman 15 pounds off!
I am in the health science college and plan to major in nursing. It will be a 5-year plan for me.  I enjoy my classes- even music appreciation!  Because of sports, all of my classes start at 8am and I am done by noon.  Enough time to grab lunch and have a quick nap before practice at 3 pm. I live in the towers, so everything on campus is pretty close.  I joined the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and will move into the sorority house next fall.  I am meeting so many students from all over Nebraska and there are a lot of us from Colorado.  I was invited by a new friend to go to the Husker football game last weekend.  It was a lot of fun.

CFN, thank you so much for the scholarship to attend UNK.  I am honored to be representing CFN here at Kearney.  Your generosity has enabled me to pursue my dream of studying nursing and participate in collegiate sports.

Thank you again
Go Lopers!
Stephanie Hutsell
Loveland, Colorado

Dear Coloradans for Nebraska,
It’s only been a month into the semester, and I’m so happy to be back for my sophomore year. I’m now studying full time with my composition professor (last year, I studied part-time with a Doctorate Student), and our studio has expanded. Last year, I was the only student in this studio, and I’m still the only sophomore composition major! I’ve basically been living in the music library, studying music scores and writing analysis of them. I’m in the Symphonic Band again this year, but I love hearing tales from members of the “Pride of Nebraska” Marching Band. Listening to them talk about running around Memorial Stadium at 6:30 in the morning fills me with pride for the music students, and reminds me of the general importance of music functioning concurrently with a balanced education.
I was elected president of UNL The Society of Composers, which is a smaller branch of a national organization simply called “Society of Composers.” I’m very excited to get things started with this fantastically talented group of musicians and composers; last year, we were able to have our fresh scores read-through by the UNL Artists in Residence, the Chiara String Quartet. Now I need to work on topping THAT!
The level of talent that resides in the students and staff of Westbrook, the music building on campus, is astounding. If you ever are in Lincoln and looking for some high-quality musical performance, look no further than Kimball Recital Hall or Westbrook recital Hall on any given night. You won’t be disappointed.
I’m so lucky to have been selected for this scholarship for a second year. Thank you again, CFN, for shouldering some of the financial burden of college.
Let’s make it 4-0 next week…GO BIG REDDDDDDDD!
Rachel Whelan

Dear Coloradans for Nebraska,
School if finally back in session and it feels amazing to be back on campus!  Classes are starting to gear up with homework and tests, but that’s what coffee and friends are for right!  As a Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology major I’m taking classes that have tons of valuable and interesting information to share such as Intro to Audiology and the Brain and Human Communication.  Aside from my studies I work in the Link-N-Literacy Lab on east campus assisting in research and I’m a suite hostess in the skyboxes during husker home games!  I’m also an active member in Scarlet Guard and just recently joined the NSSLHA organization.  Next Saturday, October 1st, NSSLHA members are helping out with the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk at Antelope Park, it will be a blast!  Fortunately, I was able to live in the Courtyards, the apartment style dorms on campus, which give me the luxury of my own room and kitchen, but keep me involved on campus.

I was able to get together with Aaron and Amanda a few weeks ago and meet some of the other amazing scholarship winners!  It’s always great to see familiar faces within the CFN family!  Coloradans for Nebraska without you none of this would be possible!  It’s a privilege to attend a university like that of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and with your support you gave me the opportunity of a lifetime!  Thank you so much Coloradans for Nebraska!

Go Big Red!
Mackenzie Culver
Ft. Collins, CO

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