Letters from Scholarship Recipients

To Coloradans for Nebraska and the gracious donors,

Thank you all so very much for supporting mine and so many other’s dreams of going to Nebraska. It is a privilege and honor to be supported by a group of alumni and fellow husker fans. 5 years ago when I was introduced to CO4NU, I didn’t quite understand what the organization did besides host watch parties, which is cool of course, but now I can see how much this organization does for Colorado students that go to Nebraska. I am so grateful for the financial support and for the people behind the donations.

Many of you went to the University and can only hope students now will have the great experiences that you had. Just finishing my freshman year, I can look back and happily tell you that it was a year filled with many new and fun experiences, a year of meeting so many great people, a year of falling in love with the journalism school, a year of studying more than I thought was possible, a year of heartbreaking football but extremely fun games nonetheless, and most importantly, a year of extreme personal growth.

This scholarship took a burden off of our family’s pockets this year after sending checks for two students at UNL, and for that I am extremely grateful. I know there were many applicants for these scholarships and I sincerely thank you for choosing me to receive one of them. This is an organization that I’ll proudly support once I reach alumni status and one that I will proudly represent until then. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

God Bless and Goooo Biiig Red,
Maddy Patten


Coloradans for Nebraska,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your support you’ve given me over the last three years. It seems like it just flew by! I am very appreciative of receiving the scholarship for the last three years. This has allowed me to continue pursuing my dreams and finishing my education. Coloradans for Nebraska has given me so much more than just a scholarship check. Throughout the many scholarship ceremonies that I have attended, I’ve never felt more welcomed or cared for than I did at the Coloradans for Nebraska event. Not only did people care about me as a person, but they wanted me to be successful as well. This made going far away to school much easier, knowing I had a huge support system back in Colorado.

I love that there is a group of people in Colorado that are just as passionate about the Huskers as I am. I truly do love the state of Colorado, but I love the Huskers as well. Sometimes it seems like an odd combination, but everyone within this group seems to have that mutual feeling. The community that Coloradans for Nebraska provides is outstanding, and I am very glad that I was able to be a part of it.

As I am reaching the end of my senior year, I am reflecting on what it has been like to be a Husker from Colorado. I still wear my Colorado native roots with pride, but I also am happy to share my Husker background as well. I am very grateful for the experiences that both states have offered me, and I wouldn’t change anything. Graduation is coming up in May, and I’m excited to earn that Nebraska Diploma. I’ve accepted a teaching position in Lincoln, Nebraska at Northeast High School. I truly do miss Colorado, but I’m not ready to leave Lincoln yet. I am looking forward to starting my career in the same city where I received my college education. I can still be a huge husker fan, even if I might not stand out as much in the sea of red. I’ll always remember the support that I have received from Coloradans for Nebraska and the comfort it gave me knowing I had so much support living so far from home. I am trying my best to share with others the great aspects that Coloradans for Nebraska provides to the community. Once again, thank you so much for all of your support.

Brittany Bard


Would you like to help more of Colorado’s young adults with scholarships?  You can make a donation directly to the Coloradans for Nebraska Scholarship Fund, you can become a member of Coloradans for Nebraska, and/or you can attend one of the Coloradans for Nebraska Events.  On June 11, 2016,  Tom Osborne will be coming to Colorado to help Co4NU raise funds.

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