Migration to New Site Almost Complete

If you are looking at the Coloradans for Nebraska web site, you will notice items that have “originally posted” notations.  We’ve been busy migrating items over to the new site and thought some of older items should come over too.

With the new site, it will be easy to search through all of the posts to find something you may be looking for.  You will also find several links along the side.

In the Pages, you will find a Calendar Page to stay up-to-date on Coloradans for Nebraska activities.  Google Calendar also includes Nebraska Football as well as Men’s and Women’s Basketball.

Have something that you would like to advertise (non-commercial) to your fellow Huskers?  Coloradans for Nebraska Members can now post classifieds (as a comment subject to approval) without signing in to post or see.

Pictures will be added as soon as well as more information about our business partners.

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