Student Recruitment Policy from the University of Nebraska

“The Nebraska Alumni Association and the Office of Admissions are deeply appreciative of all the efforts of alumni to help recruit students to attend UNL. Recently, the National Association for College Admission Counseling released new guidelines for interacting with students, and we are asking all alumni admissions volunteers, chapter members and/or chapter leaders to comply with these guidelines. If you currently volunteer with student recruitment programs, please take the time to review these documents and other items at

Coloradans for Nebraska asks that all of our members, friends, and recruiting volunteers visit the above referenced web site to help ensure that we are all doing our part to help the University of Nebraska.  As a branch of the Nebraska Alumni Association, Coloradans for Nebraska must adhere to the policies and procedures put into place and / or are in place by the University of Nebraska.  We appreciate your assistance to make sure that we remain in compliance while helping the University of Nebraska.  This policy is in place for all University of Nebraska Schools.

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